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Why Buy Vintage?

Kill'em All, not the ūüĆć

Cry for help message sown into a Primark garment by a factory worker

Each pre-loved shirt bought is one less new purchase. This means that you are playing a part in removing the demand for more clothing manufacturing, the carbon footprint of the industry and ultimately, more waste.

Beyond this, many pre-2000s t-shirts were simply better made and last longer (when cared for) so you get more mileage out of them. They predate fast fashion and the cost-cutting required to produce cheap, throw-away garments made in sweatshops, which ultimately end up in landfills at the end of each season.

We don't believe waste should ever again be in fashion.

A wearable investment1 

On average, a t-shirt bought in the 1990s for $20 USD can be worth up to $320 (or £220) today*. This is a 16X increase in value, or 11% increase per year.

How does this compare to mainstream investments? Suppose you invested the same $20 in the S&P 500 index (a basket of stocks of the 500 largest listed companies) in 1995. Today, this investment would be worth considerably less - $90, a total increase of 4.5X, or 5% per year, before inflation. 

The main factors behind this are supply side related. As it's often said 'they just don't make' vintage shirts any more. A growing, affluent population of buyers who discover or rediscover artists adds demand to the equation, driving the intrinsic value of shirts.

*based on a basket of vintage t-shirts dating from mid-1990s, with lowest current resell value of $60 and highest resell value of $340. Resell estimates based on Grailed, eBay and sold prices on 3rd party websites. This is not investment advice and shouldn't be interpreted as such. 

A piece of history  

Many of us have a dream concert, album, artist, era, that we wish we could have been a part of. Few are afforded that dream. 

A vintage band tee, is a minor way of getting closer to that idea. The richness of older print technology, the softness of years of wear and each imperfection tell a story that no modern design or manufacturer can emulate.

We work hard to ensure all our items are carefully authenticated, thereby assuring each purhcase real piece of history - or you are entitled to 100% of money back.

 1. Capital at risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Consider the risk and reward of purchasing a shirt as an investment as part of a balanced investment strategy. Please consult a financial adviser if you require investment advice.